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Liquid wraps or more commonly called "Dipping" is a popular vehicle enhancement application in which you can protect and customize your vehicle or Business Fleet.

LUX Performance Coating has remarkable longevity and the best and most popular aspect of this product is if you decide to convert back to the original look of your vehicle or want a new colour or even an easy repair it will PEEL OFF leaving no trace or DAMAGE to the original paint work!

Apart from the standard colours, matte black, white and clear, there are a vast range of custom colours ready to use or if you wish we can create a colour of your choice!

LUX is an outstanding Performance Coating that Can be easily applied with our DIY kits or we also provide in house training.


Liquid automotive coatings is not only a great way to customize your vehicle but a great form of protection too. Once your car is coated in effect it is in a ‘rubber bubble’ the dip is a rubber based layer which when applied to the paintwork of your vehicle protects from the general day to day wear of motoring. If its purely protection your after we offer a clear coat which offers the same protection as our Color coatings but without changing the appearance of your vehicle.




Once My Car Is Sprayed Can It Be Cleaned?

Yes it can be cleaned, LPC is very robust and easy to maintain. The coating can even be jet washed. This along with soap and a good sponge will keep your car looking as special as the day the coating was applied.

Does It Damage The Cars Original Paintwork?

No it doesn’t damage the car or it’s paintwork, in fact it helps to protect the original paintwork from light scratches and stone chips. Meaning when LPC is removed the condition of your paint is the same as the day it was applied.


Once The Vehicle Is Done Do I Need To Inform The Registries Of Any Colour Change?

No the registries do not need to be informed as car "dipping" is a temporary color change that can be removed.

What Colours Can I Have?

We are constantly working with our manufacturers to produce the latest and most unique colours available to LPC. We can match any colour to your specific requirements from fluorescent neon to glow in the dark.

What Finishes Can I Have?

Just like with our colours we are constantly working to produce the latest and most unique finishes available to LPC. We currently have matte and gloss 

Can a Coating Be Repaired If Damaged?

Yes! The Coating can be repaired if damaged, we are more than happy to make repairs, most scuffs etc caused by vehicle collisions can be repaired very easily as we can repair any area of the Coating no matter how big or small without full vehicle removal.

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