Spraying your rims


Changing the style of your rims has never been easier! 

Here are the steps to changing the look of your car:


  1. Remove the tire and rim off the viechle. 
  2. Place it down rim facing up on-top of a tarp or cardboard box. 
  3. Using a de-greaser or soft soap wash the rim thoroughly make sure you get into all the nooks and cranny's! 
  4. Using Lux Prep spray remove the final debris of the surface. To do this spray one side of a microfiber cloth, wipe a small area (one spoke at a time works best) flip it over and wipe of excess spray. 
  5. when this is completed you can now begin to tape,mask off any areas that you do not want to get Lux Coating's on. This is much more forgiving then regular paint because you can peel of later, but doing a good tape job saves alot of time and effort. 
  6. Now that the tire is masked off, you can begin spraying your wheels. Spray using arcing, evenly-paced passes.The first coat should be very light and still seem almost invisible. After it dries for about 7 minutes or so, you should be ready for a second coat. Again, just lightly cover the wheels with smooth, even-paced sprays. After the second coat, the color should be more solid, but still not completely opaque; again, let this coat dry before moving on. For the next 3-4 coats spray slightly more then before, but you'll notice that the color will become completely solid now. We recommend doing 4 to 5 wet coats for optimal peel-abiltiy and durability.
  7. When you are done your last coat, remove all the masking and tape before it drys. This will give you the smoothest finish.