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At Lux Coatings we belive everyone should be able to customize their ride the way they want. With our removable paint protection systems, anyone can have a custom look while protecting their investment.

What is Lux?

Is it hard to install? The simple answer is no, we designed it to be very user friendly and can be done in your garage.

Is it completely removable? Yes it is, with our innovative formula our product creates a stylish shield around your paint and can be peeled of with ease when desired. 

How durable is it? Lux Coatings can withstand high heats, coldest winters, and is safe to be pressure washed. The product sprays on wet but drys into a vinyl like finish that protects your paint from rock chips and other road debris. 

How long will it last? Our product lasts up to 5 years with proper install and care.

Do you have any other colors? We can make any color you want, just send an email to

sales@lux-coatings.com to make a request